About Us

Coffee and Cycling

The idea of a coffee bike business was dreamed up while we were cycle-touring from Scotland to Greece in the summer of 2017. From the bracing winds of the Outer Hebrides Isles of Scotland, to the sunny beaches of Crete, the two constants of the trip were our butts in the saddle for 8+ hours, and at least two coffees a day.

Coffee and cycling have gone hand-in-hand since their beginnings. Maybe that’s because both industries were embraced and revolutionized by Italian culture early on. Maybe it’s because caffeine is one of the only performance-enhancing drugs allowed in cycling (a 2-5% performance boost apparently).

We found that there were a small handful of companies making ready-to-roll espresso bikes, but none of them quite fit the job for Vancouver. Some weren’t designed for anything but flat terrain, some didn’t have the aesthetic we wanted, and – most importantly – none of them would meet the local health requirements.

Since both of us are afflicted with the malady of “we could make that” we decided to hand-build the entire cart, right down to the trailer chassis, wheel dropouts, door handles and all. The one piece of equipment we trusted to a professional was the espresso machine. We knew we didn’t want a modern, automatic, plastic machine and we were incredibly fortunate to find an espresso artist – a very rare breed these days – living in Nelson, BC. He had just the machine for us and rebuilt it to become Fantastiko – The Magic Box.